SSL certificates

Make sure the communications between your site and your users are safe by installing an SSL certificate!

An SSL certificate contributes to the security of all communications, encrypting all information from users and the services they interact with, in order to keep exchanged data from malicious individuals.

There are 3 different types of SSL certificates: Standard, Wildcard and Extended Validation.
To find out the main features, see the table below.

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SSL certificate

Make sure the communications between your site and your users are safe.
Starting from 99€ / year
(VAT not included)


  • Makes your communications more reliable
  • Increases website security
  • Increases your users' trust
  • Improves search engine indexing

SSL certificate features

Standard SSL Wildcard SSL Extended Validation SSL
Emission time 24 h 48 h 72 h
Green address bar
Company name (appears in green in address bar)
Encryption 128-256 Bit 128-256 Bit 128-256 Bit
Domain validation
Extended validation
Recognized by major browsers
Insurance $ 10.000 10.000 1.750.000
Price / year (VAT not included) 99€ 199€ 249€
Price / 2 years (VAT not included) 189€ 379€ 449€

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